Yeast Starters

The reasoning behind a starter is provide an optimal growth medium for your yeast. I typically use them specifically for wild and sour beers as I culture many of my yeast and bacteria from the air, local fruit, or from bottle dregs. But let’s get to the reasoning for this post. I hate making yeast starters, they eat into an already hectic brewday and require you to set aside time a few days earlier in the week in order to truly work the way you want. [Read More]

Wooden Faucet Handles

Wooden faucet handles I decided that I needed to make faucet handles for serving my beverages at events. I will be making them out of black walnut that I rescued from a burn dumpster, and will be finishing them with BLO and Shellac. They will have my SCA badge painted on them as well. Materials You will need the following things for this project: 3⁄8-16 UNC knife thread inserts 1⁄2” forstner bit + drill Glue Wood Sander Process [Read More]