Batch #26 - Simcoe Pale Ale

brewing simcoe pale ipa

This is a simple, lower alcohol 100% Simcoe pale ale.





Water Modifications

Recipe available on BrewFather here

Brewday Notes

Heated 2 gallons of water to boiling and added to mash tun to pre-heat.

Outside temperature is in the 80s

Heated 17L of water to 162.1F and added to grains at 1251

Mash temp at 1256 is 150.5F

Sparging with 13.5L of water at 168F

Mash-out started at 1430 with mash at 148F

Sparged for 10 minutes and sparged out at 1452

Boil fire lit at 1505

Boil reached, and first hop addition at 1522.

Second hop addition at 1552.

Third hop addition at 1607.

Added irish moss at 1612.

Added last hop addition and 1g of yeast nutrients at 1617.

Flame-out at 1622.


Yeast pitched next morning at 9AM due to unforseen non-brewing obligations.

9/8/19 - Krausen has fully dropped and the beer is starting to fully clear.

9/19/19 - Beer is finished and will be kegged tomorrow. Tastes similar to a Sierra Nevada Torpedo.

Refractometer Readings

SG: 10.2 brix

OG: 11.8 brix (1.047)

FG: 6.0 brix (1.009)

ABV: 4.95%

Tasting Notes

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