Batch #24 - Dunkle Kveik

brewing kveik wheat farmhouse

This is a very simple Dunkleweizen that will be fermented with a kveik yeast instead of a German yeast.





Water Modifications

Brewday Notes

Heated 14.8 liters of water to 163.4

Mash started at 1226.

Mash out at 1330, temperature is 150-152F depending on location in mash.

Sparged with 18L of 167F water at 1345.

Wort started to heat at 1415.

Boil reached at 1440.

First hop addition at 1510.

Last hop addition at 1555. 1/4tsp of yeast nutrient added at 15min as well.

Heat cut at 1610.

Cooled to 100F and pitched yeast.


Fermenting without temperature control in my garage with outdoor temperatures reaching 85F daily.

6/22/2019 - It is now down to 6.8 brix (1.016). It definitely needs more time. It has a weird smoky and fruity flavor combo that at this point is not super pleasant.

Refractometer Readings

SG: 6.8 brix (1.026)

OG: 11 brix (1.042)



Tasting Notes

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