Batch #22 - Kveik Wit

brewing kveik wheat wit

This is a simple Witbier that will be fermented hot with a Kveik yeast.






Water Modifications

Brewday Notes

Added 20L of boiling water to mash tun before starting heat on my mash water in order to pre-heat the mash tun.

Outdoor temperature is 82F.

Heating 3.96 gallons of water to 157.1F.

Mash started at 1412.

Mash temp at 1417 is 149.0F (taken at 4 different locations in mash)

Heating 4.27 gallons of water to 167F for sparge.

Mash out at 1515.

Mash temp at 1515 is 147.5F

Sparging out at 1538.

Boil reached at 1605.

First hop addition at 1620

Last hop addition at 1735.

Wort chiller put into pot at 1735.

Coriander and Orange Peel added at 1745.

Heat cut at 1750. Cooling to 95F before racking into fermenter and pitching the yeast.

Boil-off was way higher than expected and the batch will need to be diluted with 1 gallon of water tomorrow.


6/10/2019 - 9AM no visible signs of fermentation as of yet. I forgot to add the yeast nutrient to the boil, so will be adding it to the wort today.

6/15/2019 - Racked into keg for force carbing.

Refractometer Readings

SG: Forgot to take one =(

OG: 14.2 brix (1.055) diluted to approximately 1.045

FG: 5.8 brix 1.06

ABV: ~4.9%

Tasting Notes