Batch #21 - Bavarian Hefeweizen #2

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This is a slightly modified repeat of my very simple all-grain Bavarian Hefeweizen.





Water Adjustments

Brewday Notes

Outside temp 75F.

Heated 4.64 gallons of water to 163F.

Mash in at 1058. Temperature at 1110 is 155F, stirred for 2 minutes until temp hit 153F throughout mash.

Mash out at 1230. Mash temp at 1230 is 151.4F.

Sparging with 13L of water at 165F for 15 minutes at 1242.

Fire lit at 1305. Boil reached at 1315, first hop addition at that point.

Second hop addition and immersion chiller added at 1400.

Boil ended at 1415.

Cooled to 75F and pitched the inflated packet of Wyeast 3056.


Fermenting at 69F to 70F ambient.

06/09/19 - Gravity is down to 7.2 brix.

6/22/19 - Gravity is down to 6.2 brix and it is ready for kegging on 6/23.

Refractometer Readings

SG: 9.2 brix (1.036)

OG: 12 brix (1.048)

FG: 6.2 brix (1.008)

ABV: 4.18%

Tasting Notes