Batch #18 - Bier de Miel

brewing jester king mixed culture brettanomyces harvested yeast clone farmhouse honey

This is an adaptation of a clone recipe of Jester King's Bier de Miel using harvested yeast from a bottle of theirs and honey from my own hives.



Other Fermentables



Batch size: 5.5 Gallons Target ABV: 5.5% I.B.U. 27

Brewday Notes

Pre-heated mashtun with 10 liters of boiling water and let rest for 20 minutes.

Heated 3.2 gallons of strike water to 166F.

Added grains to mashtun after draining preheating water.

Added mash water at 1234.

Mash temp is 155F at 1241.

Wrapped mashtun in a blanket and left for ~75 minutes.

Mash temp at 1350 is 148F.

Mash was filtered through a fine mesh bag into the boil kettle to remove trub.

Heated 5 gallons of sparge water to 169F.

Started heating wort at 1433.

Boil reached at 1447 (I noticed due to the boilover as I wasn't paying attention)

Hops added at 1515.

Heat cut at 1615 and honey added to the kettle, though I accidentally added .86lbs of Honey instead of .75lbs

Harvested yeast pitched at 2030 at 79F.


1/23/2019 - Very active fermentation, krausen has filled the entirety of the headspace in the fermenter.

1/28/2019 - Krausen has mostly dropped, but fermentation is still clearly active. Gravity is down to 6.8 Brix (1.016)

6/9/2019 - Kegging

Refractometer Readings

SG: 6 brix (1.023)

OG: 11.2 brix (1.043)

FG: 3.8 brix (.998)

Tasting Notes

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